About Us:

We the modern people are extremely related to the word of business. Now a days we cannot think our life & spend time without business way. The modern world is now floating on business. People enhance their needs & changing their life style by the upcoming source of modern business. Day by day modern business spreads its wings in various systematic & the easiest ways. E-commerce & online business is now one of the easiest & competitive wings of modern business. So, we Aman Biba Business want to do our business with the theory of modern business. We wholesale kids, girls, boys & ladies fashionable dress item in various showrooms in Bangladesh. We have also an online page in facebook, the page link is facebook/amanbibabusiness. In this page you can get our all product details information. We also Export various fashionable dress in International market.

We hope the system, our commitment & enthusiasm will build up our business for the coming generation.

Md. Abdullah All Aman
Aman Biba Business